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Chinese for Effective Professional Engagement

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What you’ll learn

The ability to use Chinese language skills effectively in a professional setting is what sets skilled language practitioners apart from language learners. Developed by some of the top Chinese-language experts in the country, “Chinese for Effective Professional Engagement” is designed to enhance your language skills so you can communicate more effectively and confidently in your work. 

In 28 self-paced lessons, you will gain linguistic and cultural fluency required for working successfully with colleagues, clients, and peers in Chinese-speaking regions. Lesson topics were selected by a panel of government, higher-education, and private-sector professionals. By learning targeted vocabulary, key phrases, and cultural nuances, you will be well-prepared to confidently use your Chinese in the workplace.  


How to take this course

“Chinese for Effective Professional Engagement” is a self-guided course designed for busy working professionals. It is structured around a number of key skills that are critical to effective professional engagement, organized into 28 lessons: 17 video lessons and a minimum 3 out of 11 close-reading lessons. All study materials use simplified Chinese characters. While the lessons should be completed sequentially, students can proceed at their own pace and go back to review prior lessons on demand. 

Each 10-15 minute video lesson covers a different topic. You can watch the videos whenever you want, as many times as you want. Students are encouraged to pause the lesson when needed and to re-watch in order to fully absorb the material. Homework assignments, supplementary readings, and discussion prompts are provided for further study.  

We strongly recommend that you work through the syllabus with an in-person or remote tutor that fits your learning style. We understand that many students have their own tutors or have professional guidelines on which tutors are allowed. For those interested, we are currently offering a discount on language tutoring through italki, the world’s largest marketplace for language tutors.  

This course is suitable for

  • A broad range of intermediate and advanced speakers.
  • Students who already have a working proficiency with simplified Chinese characters.
  • Students who can already easily comprehend both written and spoken information and express themselves.


Tuition is $1200. All proceeds support the American Mandarin Society (AMS), a nonpartisan, nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization. This online course not only furthers AMS’ important mission, but also serves as a key fundraising source for the organization.

We offer an educational discount for students currently enrolled in school. We also offer group discounts for businesses. Make sure to speak to your employer about educational reimbursement and provide them with our course information sheet




Our course materials are all in simplified Chinese characters, but we plan to provide a traditional Chinese version soon.
We offer an educational discount for students currently enrolled in school. For more information please email learn@mandarinsociety.us from your .edu email account. We can also offer group discounts for businesses. Contact us at learn@mandarinsociety.us for more information.
Yes. We are happy to provide a customized invoice for you. We also accept bank wires if your employer does not use credit or debit cards. Please email learn@mandarinsociety.us for more information.
No, but best results will be achieved by practicing the homework with tutor. Our downloadable homework sheets are designed to give to a tutor so he/she can practice with you.
We recognize that many people already have tutors that they prefer to use. Additionally, government and other employers may limit the tutors with whom you can work, so we decided this is best organized by each individual student according to their unique circumstances. If you don’t have a tutor, you can find one through italki, the world’s largest marketplace for language tutors. Sign up today and receive $10 off at https://go.italki.com/mandarinsociety.
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